• Hepalize Plus II is a medicine containing "Liver Hydrolyzate" as a main ingredient, which has been decomposed to facilitate digestion and absorption of natural high quality liver.
  • It is effective for nutritional supplements such as when you get tired of chatting with overtime or working overtime, when your gastrointestinal health is not good.
  • Liver hydrolyzate and inositol increase metabolism, vitamin B 2 · E also acts on nutritional supplementation.
  • It is a reddish brown dragee.
  • Effect
    Nourishment tonic, gastrointestinal disorders / nutritional disorders · disease after illness · physical fatigue · pyrogenic wasting diseases · frail constitution
  • Dosage regimen
    Please take the next dose twice a day.
      [Age] Adult (15 years old and over)
      [1 dose] 3 tablets
      [Number of doses per day] 2 times


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Zeria HEPALYSE PLUS II 60-Tablets for Hang Over

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    Made in Japan

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