Shipping destination countries where sales resumed  

Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Austria, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa

 *Shipping countries where delivery delays are expected

Italy, Hungary, France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa

 **[Notice] About sales and shipment to the United States.

Japan Post accepts shipments by Surface Mail not Air Mail.

However, it may take 2-3 months for the items to be delivered. 

For Surface Mail, can purchase from the product page without inquiries.

[ For USA customers requesting shipping by airmail ]

Shipments to the United States using international Air Mail are still suspended by Japan Post. However, some products can be shipped by the international courier service.
For products that can be shipped, please use the "Request items" form to ask for the product name and shipping address you wish to purchase.